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eMedia Investments is a South African-based media group with a number of core assets in the television and radio broadcasting sector.
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eExtra runs for the try line with new rugby programme
A welcome surprise for sports enthusiasts as eExtra launches a brand-new programme for all things rugby! 21 May 2024 Read more

Young star shone brightly!
Everyone at the family is deeply saddened by the sudden passing of Mpho Sebeng. He was the star of the series Z'bondiwe and Craz-e in the early years. We will always remember him for his passion and zealous energy. 8 May 2024 Read more

A newly bottled #KeldersVanGeheime is ready to be served!
The secret is out … our brand new daily Afrikaans drama launches tonight at 6pm on Kelders Van Geheime (Cellar of Secrets) can be seen from Monday to Friday. 7 May 2024 Read more

OUTtv Proud shows its colours on eVOD
OUTtv is now streaming in South Africa. OUTtv Proud, the popular channel dedicated to diverse and inclusive storytelling, is now available on eVOD. OUTtv Proud is proud (pun intended) to announce its exciting new home on the popular eVOD streaming platform. eVOD users can now see the popular and colourful OUT tv content at no extra cost. 29 Apr 2024 Read more

The court has decided!
In October 2023, eMedia lodged a complaint with the Competition Commission and filed papers before the Competition Tribunal regarding a provision in the sub-licensing agreements concluded between Multichoice and the SABC that prevents the SABC from utilising third-party-owned platforms to transmit SABC channels, which broadcast national sporting events. 16 Apr 2024 Read more

1.3 million viewers for A deal with the devil? The Joshlin Smith Trafficking Tragedy
Shahan Ramkissoon (The Last Word) investigated the mysteries behind Joshlin Smith’s alleged sale for muti rituals and talked to various members of the local Middelpos community. 27 Mar 2024 Read more

A deal with the devil? The Joshlin Smith Trafficking Tragedy brings you an exclusive documentary on the Joshlin Smith tragedy, tonight at 10pm. 18 Mar 2024 Read more

Introducing Isiphetho: Destiny
An all new drama with family and community at its heart 14 Mar 2024 Read more

Stay informed with the best in current affairs on is home to award-winning current affairs shows. Make an appointment to get up to date with the latest in-depth coverage of burning topics, exposing crooks and criminals, crime trends and updates, and the latest headline news in South Africa. All these informative entertaining and sometimes suspenseful shows only on - Sunday nights from 6-8pm. 11 Mar 2024 Read more

EVOD presents a riveting tale of dreams and desperation in Tickets
A journey of love, luck, and life-changing choices streaming from 8 March. 1 Mar 2024 Read more

EVOD – SA’s fastest growing subscription-free streaming platform
SA’s youngest streaming platform is close to reaching one million registrations. Since launching in August 2021, the subscription-free OTT service has reached 970,000 registrations. The eMedia streaming service made history in SA by allowing users to watch local and international content for free. The service does also have an option to subscribe for additional features, and to see more premium content. 23 Jan 2024 Read more

Beyond news, beyond time: 25 years of news on’s first 8PM news bulletin was broadcast on 17 January 1999. Since then it’s become part of millions of households’ daily news update, and a reliable and trusted source of local and international affairs. 18 Jan 2024 Read more

A Queen’s Lobola
What would you do to pay the price of love? 7 Dec 2023 Read more

It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it... eVOD releases new movie drama
Clean Job is the story of a grief-stricken, broken young woman named Kimberly (Petronella Tshuma), that grows up to be the mastermind behind a criminal syndicate of desperate, unemployed women from the township, who disguise themselves as domestic workers, to rob the homes of rich madams living in the suburbs of Johannesburg. 29 Nov 2023 Read more

Still proud, with a new Edge
The Edge Bouquet embraces diversity and inclusion with a colourful world of exclusive content and has something for everyone. 20 Oct 2023 Read more

Mother of All: eVOD releases its 6th series, shot in Durban
Nolwazi 'Nono' Mathebula, an ex-cop, walks out of prison, resolved to be an exemplary daughter to her religious mother, an amazing mother to her celebrity daughter and through gainful employment - a model citizen. Even when both her mother and daughter reject her, and the South African job market proves to be just as unforgiving, Nono remains steadfast in her resolutions. 19 Oct 2023 Read more

EMedia takes a stand for digitally migrated viewers
EMedia embraces the heroism and determined spirit displayed by the Springbok rugby team and Proteas cricket team during the current rugby and cricket World Cup tournaments. 18 Oct 2023 Read more

Thank you for watching! eMedia celebrates its 25th birthday and Safta Awards
eMedia launched its channel 25 years ago this October and from humble beginnings has grown into a multi-channel, multi-platform broadcasting business. 6 Oct 2023 Read more

Vusi Kunene stars in 'Seconds'
This captivating sports drama drops on eVOD on 13 July 2023. 12 Jul 2023 Read more

800,000 ... and counting
On the brink of its 2nd birthday, eVOD has reached an impressive milestone of 800,000 registrations. EVOD is a streaming success story, and seen as one of the fastest growing, subscription-free, streaming platforms in South Africa. The eMedia online streaming platform launched in August 2021, and allows viewers to watch movies, series, Afrikaans telenovelas, documentaries, and much more on any device, at any time. 27 Jun 2023 Read more

eNCA celebrates 15 years today
eNCA is 15 years old! The channel made history when it launched on 1 June 2008, as South Africa's first 24-hour news service. Since then, it's dominated the market as a leading and discerning voice in the South African local news landscape and is trusted as a reliable source of news and current affairs. 1 Jun 2023 Read more

Question. Think. Act.
In a world defined by instant everything and an overload of information. Take the time to question. When the truth is influenced by what's trending and mass opinion replaces common sense. Think for yourself. If your reality is impacted by the actions of those in power and you demand your say. Don't be afraid to Act. 2 May 2023 Read more

April is for Afrikaans
This April eVOD is releasing its 13th locally produced movie - and this time a tale in Afrikaans to warm the hearts as the seasons change. 14 Apr 2023 Read more

Variety is the spice of life - Openview Ultra adds 2nd bouquet
Ultraview is surprising audiences with a second bouquet on its recently launched Pay TV offering, right in time for the Easter holidays. The Spice bouquet is the latest addition of niche channels with never-been-seen programmes, and launches at 6:30pm on 6 April 2023. 4 Apr 2023 Read more

The wheels turn this April: Introducing 'Nikiwe' and all-new local drama on
Imagine inheriting all the wealth in the world, having power and influence in the palm of your hands, only to have it all stripped away from you by your own family. This story tells a tale of what it means to be 'hood rich' following the lives of the Radebe family witnessing the rise and fall of a family empire based in the surrounds of Diepkloof Extension, Pimville, and Orlando, Soweto. 27 Mar 2023 Read more

And the winners are... local dramas take awards dramas have been voted tops by South African viewers. The winners of the best local dramas were announced at the sixth Annual Royalty Soapie Awards, held at the Galleria in Sandton, on Saturday evening. All the dramas received 47 nominations across various industry categories, and walked away with a total of seven awards, competing against all South African soapies. 17 Mar 2023 Read more

Unlock Ultra - Openview launches Pay TV service
The best of both - one decoder, two worlds. Openview is launching a satellite-first in SA with an added Pay TV option. Soon viewers can experience a new world of curated entertainment using the same decoder. Ultraview enables viewers to see additional bouquets of content for a monthly subscription, whilst retaining and enjoying the free Openview content on their decoder. 2 Mar 2023 Read more

The voice of e - now silent, lives on in our hearts
Everyone at the family is deeply saddened by the sudden loss of Bongani Njoli. As the most recognisable voice of our Friday Action Night movie promos and weekend blockbusters, "Bongs" was a true legend and part of the e family for 17 years. 23 Jan 2023 Read more

Power-UP! The anti-load shedding channel
In a time when South Africans feel helpless and crippled by load shedding, Openview is once again stepping up as a beacon of light and giving households non-stop entertainment with their favourite shows. The industry-first initiative also adds value to brands and advertisers by repeating their ads on a pop-up channel 18 hours per day, every day. 20 Jan 2023 Read more

Medical drama Durban Gen is going on a short screen break
Durban Gen will be taking a short screen break from 19 December - 6 January 2023. 15 Dec 2022 Read more

eMedia Group shows resilience in tough climate as market share continues to increase
A remarkable journey of success is unfolding as the eMedia Group releases positive and very satisfactory half year results, despite the tough economic climate. 25 Nov 2022 Read more

A road trip to success - the journey of eVOD
In just 15 months since launch and counting nearly 600,000 registrations, eVOD is on a journey to wow streamers with amazing content. eVOD is currently the fastest-growing subscription-free streaming service and is becoming everyone's favourite place to find local and international content. EVOD is releasing its 12th local production since it took off on the adventurous road of streaming. 15 Nov 2022 Read more

3 masterminds. 2 heists. 1 prize. Everything to lose...
Gereza. More than an adrenaline-fueled heist film... it's a modern take on a Robin Hood story... an inspired and fresh take on the future and a triumphant call to the youth to overcome and rise above the corruption, in order to use their own ingenuity to improve the lives of the people for a South African reality in which we all win. 19 Oct 2022 Read more

An iron fist in a velvet glove...
That's how Annika Larsen describes her interview style, and that's the approach she will take in her brand-new weekly show when she delves into the lives of extraordinary people. 10 Oct 2022 Read more

A love affair with Turkish drama - Openview eExtra making dreams come true
Ten of our loyal Kuiertyd (eExtra on Openview) viewers are about to fulfil their dreams. From viewing to reality - they are about to experience the trip of a lifetime in Turkey. 19 Sep 2022 Read more

It's official - 3 million homes are getting the best in entertainment
Openview launched almost nine years ago and has seen steady growth with daily activations having grown exponentially since the early years. The platform hosts a variety of TV and radio channels that cater to all ages, races, and genders across South Africa. 15 Sep 2022 Read more

A year of eVOD
A year and over 500,000 registrations later. A year of 11 locally produced eOriginal shows and movies. A year of unlimited entertainment and downloads. 1 Sep 2022 Read more

A love affair with Turkish drama - make your dreams come true!
Bring your love-affair with Turkish drama to life and stand a chance to win a trip to Turkey. 11 Aug 2022 Read more

A more rational and measured road to analogue switch-off in SA
One of the core findings against the Minister of Communications by the Constitutional Court is that her imposition of an analogue switch-off date was unlawful and irrational. 30 Jun 2022 Read more

3 minstrels walk into a bank...
A bunch of musicians are forced to rob a bank during the Cape Town Minstrel Carnival in an effort to save their nightclub. Will the 'prodigal son' be able to pull off the heist of the year and save his family? 14 Jun 2022 Read more

eVOD racks up registrations and the content keeps coming
Since its launch in August 2021, eVOD has grown in popularity with over 350,000 registered users to date. The online streaming platform has released six original local productions in just eight months, including movies like Atlantis, Piet's Sake, Surviving Gaza, and two seasons of the hit series Is'Phindiselo. And it is about to add some more exciting content... 13 Apr 2022 Read more

Afrikaans-Turkish favourites now on one channel
The pleasure is all yours... imagine the thrill of first kisses, the anguish and triumphs of proud families, heartache, burning desire, and heart-stopping adventure, all rendered with beautiful music and breathtaking scenery. Imagine all your favourite Afrikaans-Turkish programmes in one place for never-ending viewing all day long. 7 Apr 2022 Read more

Raunchy, emotional, risqué - it all happens behind The Black Door
The Black Door is hidden behind a toilet paper manufacturing factory. At this exclusive private venue, Mam' Rebecca (played by the legendary Linda Sebezo) treats her business associates and thanks them "in kind" for facilitating her tender frauds and bribes... 30 Mar 2022 Read more

Openview adds edgy, thought-provoking new channel
Forget everything you thought you knew, as Openview births a new cultural movement. eXposed is a raw and unfiltered lifestyle, food, music, art, and entertainment channel. The channel features content that will not only push boundaries, but go beyond conventional television while sparking inclusive conversations entertainingly. It's pacey, vibrant, full of energy, and totally on par with the voice of a young, opinionated, motivated, and inspired generation. 18 Mar 2022 Read more

Isono comes to free-to-air TV
BET's sinful drama series comes to Millions of viewers will get to see the provocative and brilliantly crafted story, free for the first time. 15 Mar 2022 Read more

Multichoice drops channels
Multichoice will carry fewer channels from 1 April. 3 Mar 2022 Read more

Anaconda strikes again made headlines and trended on social media last week, with news of a repeat of the Anaconda movie. 24 Jan 2022 Read more

The largest television broadcaster in South Africa celebrates its success
From a single channel whose existence was doubted some 23 years ago, to the biggest television broadcaster in South Africa in the last three months, is a success story that must be celebrated. 26 Nov 2021 Read more

Zee Channel comes to Openview
Openview expands its offering with the addition of a new channel 2 Nov 2021 Read more

Super Connectors Game Show
Openview and Vodacom giving away R1 million in data 28 Oct 2021 Read more

If you want the job done, leave it to the Housewives! New exciting local drama launches on eVOD
Johannesburg, 21 October 2021. Women can be the baddest and smartest gangsters when they put their minds to it. 22 Oct 2021 Read more

Openview voted industry leader in Ask Africa Orange Index Awards
Openview is delighted to be acknowledged as the best in Customer Experience within the Entertainment Industry in the 2021/2022 Ask Afrika Orange Index awards! 18 Oct 2021 Read more

eMedia appoints its own as new managing director for Sasani Studios
Lynn Gaines has been appointed as the new managing director for Sasani Studios, a natural progression after a longstanding television career. 14 Oct 2021 Read more

Openview achieves record-breaking 2.5m activations
Openview now part of 2.5 million South African households 20 Aug 2021 Read more

eVOD - your shows, your way: eMedia launches new video on demand service in partnership with MTN
eMedia Investments is excited to announce the launch of a new online viewing platform in an exclusive three-year partnership with mobile telecoms partner MTN. 10 Aug 2021 Read more

The Kubekas crash into Scandal!
A new family is in town, and they join eTV's highest viewed show - Scandal! 30 Jul 2021 Read more

What to expect from the House of Zwide launch episode
The day has finally come, the highly anticipated show House of Zwide premiere's tonight at 7pm on 20 Jul 2021 Read more

Drenched in fashion: A world embroiled with secrets and betrayal
Following the successful 14-year run of Rhythm City, introduces a sizzling new high fashion drama series, produced by Bomb Productions and VideoVision Entertainment: House of Zwide. 10 Jun 2021 Read more

BCCSA dismisses complaints in the Lindsay Dentlinger 'Budget Speech coverage' matter
On Wednesday 24 February 2021, during the coverage of the 2021 Budget Speech, eNCA's reporter Lindsay Dentlinger interviewed Freedom Front leader Mr Pieter Groenewald. After she had interviewed Mr Groenewald, Ms Dentlinger invited Mr Nqabayomzi Kwankwa from the United Democratic Movement to share his comments on the Budget Speech. As Mr Kwankwa approached the microphone he removed his mask and was immediately requested by the reporter to leave it on. Mr Groenewald, the previous interviewee, was not wearing his mask during his interview. 23 Mar 2021 Read more

eNCA Karima Brown of The Fix has passed away
On Thursday 4 March 2021, it is with sadness that eNCA confirms that the anchor of The Fix, Karima Brown has passed away. 4 Mar 2021 Read more's latest primetime drama Durban Gen reaches 2 million viewers
The much-anticipated dramedy, Durban Gen, premiered its first episode on Monday, 5 October and, less than two months later, the show has built momentum to an impressive two million viewers milestone. 30 Nov 2020 Read more

Openview nets Belgian League showcasing stars like Percy Tau
Openview extends its world-class football lineup. 26 Nov 2020 Read more

Openview introduces People°s Weather channel
Using weather, which connects us all, as the conversation starter

Free-to-air satellite TV service provider Openview is thrilled to introduce Africa's first and only 24/7 weather, environmental news and lifestyle channel, People°s Weather. Available on channel 115, the latest offering strives to make Africa's nature more inclusive for all. 17 Nov 2020 Read more

Catch Truth to Power on eNCA with Dr JJ Tabane
Dr JJ Tabane joins eNCA to host a riveting current affairs show that will air twice weekly. Truth to Power will be broadcast on Sundays at 8pm and Mondays at 8.30pm. The first show starts on Sunday, 1 November 2020 at 8pm. 27 Oct 2020 Read more

Welcome to the eFamily: Here's to the evolution of the biggest E in SA entertainment
It is's birthday month, and over the past two decades, the channel has seen a progressive evolution of not only its mother brand, but along with it, it's brand and business value proposition. 14 Oct 2020 Read more

'Devi' moves to new timeslots on and eNCA
Weekly entertainment show Devi, hosted by Devi Sankaree Govender, has a new timeslot. 13 Oct 2020 Read more

What you should be watching tonight on at 6.30pm
Durban Gen - new and explosive local medical drama 5 Oct 2020 Read more

Openview bolsters its Afrikaans offering and sees phenomenal channel growth
Since launching in October 2018, Openview's Kuiertyd block has not only established itself as a must-watch slot in viewer's homes but continues to grow the ratings on eExtra, channel 105. 28 Sep 2020 Read more

Durban Gen - new local drama premieres 5 October
A gripping love triangle in a world filled with contrast, chaos and intensive care, Durban Gen - new local drama - premieres 5 October 2020 8 Sep 2020 Read more

Durban Gen - new local drama coming this October is proud to announce that a brand new, proudly South African local drama is coming to the channel. Durban Gen will premiere this October. 21 Aug 2020 Read more

Annika Larsen has a new co-anchor, and his name is Batman!
South Africa, meet Batman, the Boston terrier with a face and voice for TV. 9 Jun 2020 Read more

Devi joins eMedia
eMedia Investments is proud to announce that one of South Africa's most respected and loved television icons, Devi Sankaree Govender, has found a new broadcast home. 8 Jun 2020 Read more

Openview, now powered by 2 million homes
The future of free-to-air satellite TV 27 May 2020 Read more

The power of conventional media in the time of Covid-19 is committed to delivering factual news coverage and reporting to its viewers and with the advent of #Covid19, the channel has seen the importance of factual reporting around the disease and its impact. As a result, has expanded its news offering with the addition of a third news bulletin at 6.30pm daily. The main news bulletins respectively remain at the 1pm and 8pm weekdays, and 7pm on weekends. 8 Apr 2020 Read more

Talent galore as secures 21 SAFTA nominations has received a total of 21 nominations for five of its programmes in the 14th edition of the South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs). 19 Feb 2020 Read more

Openview fulfills a promise for #KFCCouple
A promise made is a promise kept with Openview! 6 Feb 2020 Read more

eNCA goes HD with the biggest in-studio screen on the continent
eNCA is pleased to announce the launch of a high-tech HD studio that will go live on Monday, 13 January at 06:00 AM CAT, on DStv channel 403 across SADC countries. The innovative studio boasts a massive 12x3 metre curved LED video wall. 13 Jan 2020 Read more

The biggest fight of 2019 exclusive to Fight Sports on Openview channel 115
There is only one place for boxing fans to witness the unfolding of the much-anticipated heavyweight professional rematch between Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua clash on Saturday, 7 December 2019. 5 Dec 2019 Read more

Top anchor returns to eNCA
Top news anchor Thulasizwe Simelane is returning to eNCA - South Africa's most-watched news channel - after an absence of 12 months. 18 Nov 2019 Read more

Fight Sports to exclusively broadcast World Heavyweight Championship rematch in Africa
Fight Sports will be the exclusive broadcaster for the much anticipated live World Heavyweight Championship rematch between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz in South Africa and Pan-Africa. The rematch will take place live from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and broadcast on Openview Channel 115 on 7 December. 15 Nov 2019 Read more

NBA and announce multiyear free-to-air broadcast partnership in South Africa to broadcast more than 65 games throughout 2019-20 NBA season 15 Nov 2019 Read more

Fight Sports and Openview announce the launch of Fight Sports 24/7 network channel in South Africa
Premium fight channel, Fight Sports launches on South Africa's first free satellite platform. 14 Nov 2019 Read more meets YFM and births The Culture
A spanking new urban youth lifestyle show - Premieres 11 October at 6.30pm 8 Oct 2019 Read more

eMedia news channels undergo exciting brand refresh
South African media group eMedia Investments is relaunching its free-to-air news offerings. From Monday, 5 August 2019, e News 8pm and the satellite TV platform's OpenNews, will be repositioning and merging under one banner called news. 31 Jul 2019 Read more

New line-up for SA's most watched news channel
South Africa's most-watched news channel eNCA is revamping its on-air line-up. 23 Jul 2019 Read more programming on the move
South African free-to-air channel will soon be affording its viewers an opportunity to tune into a brand-new one-hour Afrikaans drama. Die Vreemdeling is an Afrikaans telenovela and will premiere on television screens as of Monday, 15 July 2019. The Turkish telenovela which promises to be a hit is dubbed over in Afrikaans and will air daily at 5:30pm. 11 Jul 2019 Read more

eNCA makes current affairs programme changes
Following in-depth audience research, eNCA has decided to end the productions of three current affairs shows, namely Maggs on Media presented by Jeremy Maggs, CrimeWatch with Yusuf Abramjee and Madam Speaker with Iman Rappetti. These programmes will be replaced in time with new current affairs shows which are currently in development. 26 Jun 2019 Read more

Oros Mampofu bags major role on Rhythm City
Blessings come in pairs for talented actor Oros Mampofu. Having recently welcomed a bundle of joy in the form of a bouncy baby girl, Oros now welcomes his second blessing as a new cast member to Rhythm City, the fastest growing soapie in South Africa's TV land. 10 May 2019 Read more

Linda Sokhulu to take Rhythm City to another level!
Linda Sokhulu is the latest addition to the cast of local soapie Rhythm City and will make her debut on Tuesday, 16 April. 29 Mar 2019 Read more scoops 4 SAFTAs scooped four awards this past weekend at the 13th South African Film and Television Awards. The star-studded event was held at Sun City in North West. 6 Mar 2019 Read more

Nambitha Ben-Mazwi to bring sexiness and mayhem to Scandal!
Nambitha Ben-Mazwi is the latest addition to the local soapie and will make her debut on Friday, 8 February. 25 Jan 2019 Read more

eNCA tweaks its line-up and appoints key editors
24-hour news channel eNCA is changing its weekday line-up and making key new editorial appointments. 16 Jan 2019 Read more

Free and proud: Openview launches a brand-new TVC
Openview recently unveiled its brand-new television commercial. Fronted by the people's captain Siya Kolisi and record-breaking Olympian Wayde van Niekerk, this stirring TVC reinforces Openview's position as the champion of free entertainment in South Africa. 27 Nov 2018 Read more

Open News announces news anchors
From Thursday, 1 November, Naledi Moleo, Koketso Sachane and Ayanda Dlamini will guide viewers through the day's trending news, including the top celebrity and showbiz stories. Adrian Botha will anchor the channel's sports coverage, and Inge Isaacs will be on standby to keep viewers informed about the latest weather developments. 26 Oct 2018 Read more

Open News set to shake up television news
eMedia Investments will launch Open News, on Thursday, 1 November 2018. The channel will be available exclusively on Openview every evening from 5pm to 11pm, bolstering the free-to-air satellite platform's current news offering. 17 Oct 2018 Read more

Another win for Openview
Openview is proud to announce that world record-holder Wayde Van Niekerk has joined its ranks as an official brand ambassador. 9 Oct 2018 Read more

eNCA to deliver Bloomberg's business and finance video news in South Africa
eNCA, South Africa's most watched 24-hour news channel, and Bloomberg Media Distribution, the leading provider of business news, photos, video and data, have signed a new content agreement to deliver Bloomberg's business and finance news within the channel's new flagship evening news show. 5 Oct 2018 Read more

The people's captain joins the people's champion
Openview is proud to announce inspirational captain Siya Kolisi as one of its official brand ambassadors. 26 Sep 2018 Read more

eNCA reveals refreshed look and anchor line-up
From 6am on Monday 16 July 2018, viewers get their very first look at the refreshed eNCA channel as well as the new anchor line-up that will be bringing them the news every weekday. 13 Jul 2018 Read more

A new-look eNCA
South Africa's leading news channel moves into a new era - "Give the news impartially, without fear or favor, regardless of party, sect, or interests involved." - Adolph S. Ochs 12 Jul 2018 Read more

eMedia Investments launches second news channel: OpenNews and Afrikaans news bulletin
eMedia Investments, owner of and eNCA, will launch a second television news channel to be broadcast on its Openview platform. OpenNews will launch in the last quarter of 2018 and will have its own management, identity and look distinctively different from eNCA. 17 May 2018 Read more

eNCA to broadcast Winnie documentary
eMedia is proud to present Pascale Lamche's Winnie, the documentary on South Africa's Mother of the Nation. This illuminating work brings fresh perspective and insight into the life of anti-apartheid activist and human rights advocate Nomzamo Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. The documentary won a Sundance Award in 2017. 10 Apr 2018 Read more

Kwesé Free Sports joins OpenView's programming line-up
Slam dunks, knockout punches and more on OpenView with Kwese Free Sports 14 Mar 2018 Read more

OpenView strengthens its offering with eBella to over one million homes
OpenView continues to bring quality entertainment to over one million homes, with an additional channel being added to the bouquet. eBella, the new member of the eFamily of channels, premiered on Monday, 5 March 2018. Viewers can expect a wide array of inspirational content that reflects the lives and stories of women from around the world. 6 Mar 2018 Read more

New daily drama Imbewu: The Seed set to break local television boundaries on
Family secrets and treachery: Imbewu: The Seed is a compelling and ground-breaking new daily drama set to premiere on in April 2018. The drama series focuses on the ties that bind families through blood and spirit, asking sobering and controversial questions that are relevant to all South African cultures. 18 Jan 2018 Read more revamps 2018 TV schedule's weekday schedule has been revamped to bring viewers more of what they love: reality court shows, talk shows, soapies, news, local drama and international series, from Monday 15 January 2018. 9 Jan 2018 Read more

Sally Burdett makes a welcome return to the 8pm news bulletin
Sally Burdett returns to's 8pm news bulletin on Monday 4 December. 4 Dec 2017 Read more

Five Channels. One Colour. Unlimited Entertainment. 9 Nov 2017 Read more

OpenView HD reaches one million homes
South Africa's fastest-growing TV satellite operator, OpenView HD, has surpassed the one million decoder activation mark, firmly establishing it as the second-largest satellite TV provider in South Africa - but easily the largest subscription-free service. 10 Oct 2017 Read more

Mapi Mhlangu: eNCA's new managing director and editor-in-chief
eNCA is proud to announce the appointment of a new managing director and editor-in-chief, Mapi Mhlangu. Mhlangu assumes the helm of South Africa's premier news channel, taking over from Anton Harber on 1 July 2017. 21 Jun 2017 Read more

Celebrate supreme women on
This June, celebrates the supreme women across its family of channels, in award-winning local and international drama series. 7 Jun 2017 Read more

Marlon Davids appointed as MD of channels
eMedia Investments has appointed Marlon Davids as the MD of He has been Acting Managing Director since April 2016. 24 Jun 2016 Read more wins big at SAFTAs won 13 coveted SAFTA awards this past weekend at the 10th South African Film And Television Awards. The event was held at Gallagher Estate in Johannesburg where the biggest names in the film and television industry were out in full force. 23 Mar 2016 Read more

Monde Twala to leave to pursue an international opportunity
Managing Director of channels, Monde Twala, will be leaving eMedia Investments to pursue a new opportunity at a multinational media company. 2 Mar 2016 Read more

eMedia Investments makes key appointments
eMedia Investments appoints Maxwell Nonge as the group's Chief Technology Officer (CTO). eNCA's Patrick Conroy takes over as Managing Director of OpenView HD. Award-winning journalist/editor, Anton Harber is appointed Editor in Chief of eNCA. 9 Feb 2016 Read more takes news to the next level presents eNews Direct, a half-hour distinct and innovative news bulletin. eNews Direct will deliver robust and contextually relevant news content in an unbiased manner from Monday, 18 January 2016, at 6:30pm on 15 Jan 2016 Read more

Court rules that government DTT policy stands
On Thursday, 25 June, the North Gauteng High Court dismissed's application to review aspects of Government's DTT Policy. 29 Jun 2015 Read more challenges minister's decision on encryption in court filed an application in the High Court, Gauteng Division, on Tuesday, 14 April 2015, to review aspects of the Broadcasting Digital Migration policy finalised by the minister of communications. 15 Apr 2015 Read more

Big changes: prime time gets a revamp
TX: Monday, 2 March 2015 30 Jan 2015 Read more

New-look Rhythm City set to be unveiled
Thursday, 23 October at 6.30pm 16 Oct 2014 Read more launches formal eKasi filmmakers training programme
This week unveiled its first accredited (NQF level 5) training programme targeted at aspirant and junior filmmakers. The programme aims to develop the local production industry and boost the quality of local content to match and surpass international standards. 5 Sep 2014 Read more

eNCA and eNews Prime Time get a distinct new look
On Monday, 1 September 2014, eNCA (channel 403 on DStv), eNuus (Channel 144 on DStv), Izindaba, eNews Africa, eNews Prime Time and introduces a new visual identity, a more contemporary look to create a visual expression that showcases e.Sat TV's vision as a world-class news broadcaster. 29 Aug 2014 Read more

Rhythm City zooms in on child abuse
Five out of seven children in South Africa are abused by their parent figures. One child is raped every three minutes. There are 60 reported cases of child rape every day. More than 88% of child rapes are never reported. This is according to a report by trade union Solidarity released in 2009. 14 Aug 2014 Read more

Reality Check 2: Ubuntu just got a makeover
TX: Saturday, 2 August 2014 at 6.05pm 22 Jul 2014 Read more

Telling the story of the charismatic Jacob Zuma
TX: Sunday, 20 July 2014 at 3pm 17 Jul 2014 Read more

Khanyi probes deeper and wider in the new season
TX: Friday, 18 July 2014 at 6pm 16 Jul 2014 Read more

SA's Got Talent back for a smoking hot season
TX: Sunday, 7 September 2014 at 6.05pm 15 Jul 2014 Read more

Sunrise welcomes multi-lingual Penny Lebyane
TX: Monday, 14 July 2014 at 6am Free on 14 Jul 2014 Read more

Funded learning opportunities in media for the unemployed, eNCA, YFM and Sasani Studios, in partnership with eAcademy and the MICT SETA, will be hosting learning programmes for unemployed South Africans. Choose from either a Television Learnership, TV or Radio Skills Programme or an Internship in various disciplines. 27 Jun 2014 Read more

eNCA/Brandlab take Gold at Promaxbda in LA
eNCA's advertising agency, Brandlab, took Gold in the News/Information Campaign category at the prestigious Promaxbda Global Excellence Awards in LA on Thursday, 12 June. They beat the likes of CNN and Sky to take top honours. 23 Jun 2014 Read more

Charity Showdown unveiled
TX: Saturday, 19 July 2014 at 9am 20 Jun 2014 Read more

eNCA's Africa Editor Chris Maroleng resigns
eNCA (DStv Channel 403) regrettably announces the resignation of Africa Editor, Chris Maroleng, after six years with the broadcaster. Maroleng is leaving the channel in order to pursue a career in the corporate sector in South Africa. His last day with the channel will be on 12 July 2014. 18 Jun 2014 Read more

News duo joins Obama's Young Africa Leaders Initiative
eNCA anchor, Cathy Mohlahlana, and Sunrise presenter, Faith Mangope, have been chosen to take part in the prestigious Washington Fellowship, US President Barack Obama's exchange programme, the Young African Leaders Initiative. The duo will be part of the US-based programme from Monday, 16 June until 31 August 2014. 17 Jun 2014 Read more

eNCA Weatherman Derek Van Dam bids SA farewell
It is with great sadness and tremendous gratitude that eNCA announces the departure of weather anchor Derek Van Dam. Van Dam has decided to return to his home country, the United States, where he will be joining CNN International. 9 Jun 2014 Read more

Late Nite News with Loyiso Gola celebrates its 10th season
TX: Wednesdays at 9.30pm on eNCA (DStv Channel 403), in United Kingdom on the SKY (Digital Satellite Platform Channel 517) and Thursdays at 8.00pm on 6 Jun 2014 Read more

eNCA Broadcast News Bootcamp
SA's first and most watched 24-hour news channel wants you for its television news graduate program. 16 Apr 2014 Read more

Pirate low quality DTT set-top boxes (STBs) in South Africa
The influx of illegal DTT set-top boxes (STB) has already reached South African shores. Worryingly, the STBs do not meet the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) specifications. 27 Feb 2014 Read more

Jozi Streets
Tuesday, 1 April at 8PM 12 Feb 2014 Read more

Tuesday, 1 April at 12:30PM 12 Feb 2014 Read more

The Chucklewood Critters
Thursday, 10 April at 4:30PM 12 Feb 2014 Read more

Mister Maker
Monday, 28 April at 2:25PM 12 Feb 2014 Read more

Monday, 7 April at 10PM 12 Feb 2014 Read more

Walking Tall
Monday, 14 April at 8PM 12 Feb 2014 Read more

Gumba Gumba
Wednesday, 9 April at 10PM Oliver Mtukudzi 12 Feb 2014 Read more

Wednesday, 2 April at 9:30PM Dini gets a lawyer and his suspect status takes an unexpected turn. 12 Feb 2014 Read more

Kasi My 'Kasi
Sunday, 20 April at 5:30PM Soshanguve: Tshwane: Gauteng 12 Feb 2014 Read more

Monday, 14 April at 6PM DJ SPHEctacular and DJ Naves. 12 Feb 2014 Read more

Behind The Gospel
Sunday, 13 April at 6PM Hlengiwe Mhlaba 12 Feb 2014 Read more

Katch It with Khanyi
Friday, 11 April at 6PM Lesley Mofokeng & Refilwe Modiselle 12 Feb 2014 Read more

Let's Talk With Masechaba Lekalake
Thursday, 3 April at 6PM Should students be required to take random drug tests? 1 Feb 2014 Read more launches four new channels on OpenView HD
South Africa's only independent free-to-air commercial television channel, will launch four new channels on Tuesday, 15 October, at 5pm. 15 Oct 2013 Read more

eNCA's Late Nite News with Loyiso Gola nominated for International Emmy award
eNCA's news parody show, Late Nite News with Loyiso Gola (LNN) has been nominated for an International Emmy award in the comedy category by the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. 11 Oct 2013 Read more

Jerm joins as the editorial cartoonist
Jeremy Nell, otherwise known to South Africans as Jerm, has joined as official editorial cartoonist. His first cartoon appeared on from Tuesday, 8 October. 10 Oct 2013 Read more

eNCA regrets to announce the departure of Eleni Giokos
eNCA regrets to announce that news anchor Eleni Giokos will be leaving the channel. 8 Oct 2013 Read more signs Memorandum of Understanding for DTT (Pty) Limited and Sentech have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the appointment of national transmission provider Sentech to provide signal distribution services to for its digital terrestrial television ("DTT") services. 19 Aug 2013 Read more

eNCA appoints Mapi Mhlangu as the new news editor of its 24 hour news channel
Mapi Mhlangu has been confirmed as the new news editor of eNCA. Mhlangu takes over from Seamus Reynolds who was appointed as managing editor earlier this year. 14 Aug 2013 Read more

Marcel Golding meets Chinese President Xi Jinping
Marcel Golding, CEO of Sabido Investments (owners of and eNCA) met with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the BRICS media owner summit in Beijing on Tuesday 19 March 2013. eNCA was granted the first international TV interview with the Chinese President ahead of other 24 hour news networks. The interview (conducted by eNCA China bureau chief, John Bailey) will be broadcast on eNCA (Channel 403 on DStv and the SKY digital satellite platform channel 518) at 7am on Saturday CAT. 22 Mar 2013 Read more captures essence of South Africa's cultural diversity with a vibrant re-imaging campaign recently welcomed the new year with a fresh, innovative brand re-imaging which saw the launch of a new logo, pay-off line and on-air imaging on Tuesday, 1 January 2013. 4 Feb 2013 Read more welcomes the new year with an innovative refreshed brand identity
In commemoration of fourteen years as South Africa's first and only free-to-air commercial TV station, will unveil a re-imaged brand identity that will come into effect from Tuesday, 1 January 2013. 11 Dec 2012 Read more

Free-to-air broadcaster,, is dismayed by comments made by Communications Minister Dina Pule's technical advisor, Roy Kruger, about the broadcaster's commitment to DTT. Kruger's reckless remarks were directed at's lawsuit against the Minister's appointment of Sentech to manage conditional access to set-top boxes. 15 Nov 2012 Read more

The recently published ICASA Frequency Migration Plan presents major stumbling blocks to the sustainability of free-to-air broadcasters. Broadcasters have rallied against the proposed changes and are concerned that ICASA has not adequately assessed the implications of frequency migration. Broadcasters are particularly concerned at the absence of any policy inquiry into the future needs of terrestrial broadcasting and the implications for their business. 2 Nov 2012 Read more

Sentech in hot water over broadcast piracy
Sentech's failure to stop widespread broadcast piracy in Southern Africa is negatively impacting on Botswana's television industry. eBotswana - a sister company to - is in court on Thursday arguing an application against the South African signal distributor in the South Gauteng High Court for failing to take all reasonable steps necessary to prevent pirate viewing of SABC channels in Botswana. 28 Jul 2011 Read more and sister company eNews Channel are admittedly confused. 9 Mar 2011 Read more

eNews Channel now available on cell phones
e.Mobile TV launched on Tuesday 23 November, with the eNews Channel and Channel O available on cell phones on a free-to-air basis. 24 Nov 2010 Read more

A select group of Soweto residents will be the first in the country to experience cutting edge digital television. Broadcasters, and M-Net, today announced plans to bring the latest digital television technology to a group of residents in the Soweto area. 17 Sep 2010 Read more launches Africa in 12 countries across the continent
Viewers in twelve countries across Africa now have access to a 24-hour syndicated version of the South African free-to-air channel This announcement was made today by the channel's group chief operating officer, Bronwyn Keene-Young. 13 Apr 2010 Read more

3rd Degree launches Debora Patta's blog has launched Debora Patta's blog on 27 Jan 2010 Read more

eNews channel launches on DStv bouquet in southern Africa
South Africa's first independent 24-hour news service will launch on DStv's premium and compact bouquets in southern Africa. 5 Oct 2009 Read more

Debora Patta to follow her passion for journalism has announced Debora Patta's resignation as eNews Editor-in-Chief, following her decision to focus solely on 3rd Degree. Debora Patta took over as eNews chief in 2005, but stayed on as host and executive producer of her brainchild, 3rd Degree. 30 Sep 2009 Read more goes drama! will give viewers yet another dose of local drama with the launch of ekasi stories, five aspirational, gritty local dramas which will begin to air in October on Mondays at 9pm. 14 Sep 2009 Read more would like to congratulate eNews editor-in-chief, executive producer and anchor of 3rd Degree, Debora Patta on winning the prestigious 2009 Vodacom Women in the Media award on Thursday, 30 July 2009. 31 Jul 2009 Read more sitcom How I Met Your Mother nominated for four Emmy Awards
Free-to-air channel, aims to give its viewers the best series and programmes at no cost. And the proof, as they say, is in the pudding with the recent announcement of's popular sitcom, How I Met Your Mother, being nominated four times in the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards. The four categories are: 22 Jul 2009 Read more

eNews weather ads scoop bronze in New York and the eNews Channel have been recognised for their innovative ads at the prestigious World Promax/BDA Promotion and Marketing Awards, scooping a bronze certificate in Best news\information multiple spot campaign at the awards ceremony in New York last week. 29 Jun 2009 Read more

Seasoned journalist, Dan Moyane, joins eNews Channel
eNews Channel (on DStv, Channel 403) has announced that the seasoned journalist Dan Moyane will be joining the 24-hour satellite news channel on Wednesday 25 March. Moyane will be hosting the 16h00 to 18h00 weekday slot. 18 Mar 2009 Read more broadcasts The Values Campaign: positive stories on South Africans
Free-to-air channel is currently broadcasting a series of inserts, which focuses on the positive and dynamic stories that unfold in South Africa every day. 23 Feb 2009 Read more

The Big Debate
The eNews Channel launches a new political debate show this week entitled "The Big Debate". In a unique "Town Hall Meeting" format, the eNews Channel will be travelling across South Africa, to talk about corruption, leadership, black economic empowerment, media freedom, service delivery and other hot topics. 10 Feb 2009 Read more

eNews to cover Barack Obama's inauguration
On Tuesday 20 January at 6.55pm, eNews Prime Time will cross over to one of the world's most historic moments, the inauguration of America's first African-American president, Barack Obama. will bring you a front row seat when his term of office as America's 44th United States president officially kicks in. 16 Jan 2009 Read more

Forgive & Forget returns for its third season and wants to hear your stories
Forgive & Forget,'s local reality show with a heart-warming difference, returns to your screens for its third season on Tuesday 6 January 2009. 30 Oct 2008 Read more

eNews to report live on American elections
Free-to-air channel and the eNews Channel have announced that they will report live from America to cover one of the most historic elections in the history of the USA. eNews will report from America from 30 October until 9 November. 28 Oct 2008 Read more launches prime time Zulu, Sotho news bulletins
On Monday 15 September, will launch Zulu and Sotho eNews bulletins at 6pm. The bulletins will be broadcast Mondays to Fridays and will include national, international, business, sports, human interest stories and weather. 10 Sep 2008 Read more turns 10 years old on 1 October, South Africa's first and only independent free-to-air television channel, celebrates ten years on air on 1 October. Over the past decade, has established itself against the odds to become a household name and a key player in the South African broadcasting industry. 4 Sep 2008 Read more

Fourth season of Let's Fix It launches
One of's most popular programmes, Let's Fix It, returns for its fourth season on Tuesday 29 July at 8.30pm. Once again, the programme will focus on looking to lend a helping hand to those in need. 24 Jul 2008 Read more

New production company for's Let's Fix It's popular social upliftment programme Let's Fix It is back on air on 29 July 2008. Now in its fourth season, Let's Fix It is once again looking to lend a helping hand to those in need. Kaelo Worldwide Media has been appointed as the production company to produce the new series and the show is being refreshed with a brand new look. 24 Jun 2008 Read more

Do you want to make a difference in the world? Be part of a dynamic team that purposefully sets out to enrich the lives of the less fortunate. Free-to-air channel is looking for a production company with fresh and exciting ideas to produce the next season of the popular show Let's Fix It. 10 Mar 2008 Read more

e.sat, the sister business to free-to-air television channel, has announced that it will initiate its multi-channel strategy in 2008 with the launch of South Africa's first independent 24-hour television news service on Multichoice's DSTV platform. 13 Dec 2007 Read more

On Thursday 4 October at 1pm, launches an additional news programme, Lunchtime Live. This new half-hour show will be aired every weekday at 1pm and will be anchored by Andrew Barnes, a seasoned broadcaster. 18 Sep 2007 Read more

e.sat welcomes the decision of ICASA (Independent Communications Authority of South Africa) to issue it with a subscription television license. 12 Sep 2007 Read more

Following the enormous popularity of The Biggest Loser, free-to-air channel is inviting viewers to participate in a local version of this internationally successful reality weight-loss series. 10 Jul 2007 Read more

A humourous radio advertisement, Hey Fatty Boom Boom, promoting the popular reality show The Biggest Loser, has won a 2007 Promax World Gold Award. 26 Jun 2007 Read more has secured from Supersport the free-to-air rights to broadcast one of the country's most prestigious soccer tournaments, the Telkom Charity Cup. This year the annual Telkom Charity Cup will take place at the Mmabatho Stadium in the North West on Saturday, 4 August 2007. 20 Jun 2007 Read more

Tyra Banks: America’s Next Top Model promo
Once again has created eye-catching promotional footage for one of their top reality shows, America’s Next Top Model. The show, hosted and produced by Tyra Banks, brings together a dozen wannabe runway divas all looking to someday grace the pages of Vogue and Elle. 2 May 2007 Read more

Investigating Mugabe’s diamonds
International diamond experts have dubbed it the biggest diamond rush in history. In the midst of political and economic turmoil, Zimbabwe has recently discovered diamonds. 23 Apr 2007 Read more

Free-to-air channel will launch a brand new local soap opera on Monday 9 July 2007 - Rhythm City. Rhythm City will be produced by Curious Pictures, which has a reputation for innovative productions of independent films and large scale television dramas. 16 Apr 2007 Read more

Forgive & Forget is a feel-good local series with an exciting, emotional finale to every episode. This half-hour show launches on at 8.30pm on Tuesday, 9 January 2007.  8 Dec 2006 Read more

Sabido (Pty) Ltd, the sole shareholder of free-to-air television service,, has applied for a satellite television subscription broadcasting licence. Sabido's majority shareholder is Hosken Consolidated Investments, a trade-union controlled black empowerment company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.  1 Sep 2006 Read more

This month launched 'Great Expectations - The 21st Century Guide to Motherhood'. The show is produced by well-known radio producer, print and TV journalist and eNews prime-time anchor Sally Burdett. 23 May 2006 Read more