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MediaHeads 360 delivers integrated, programming focused and strategic marketing campaigns which include television, radio, content marketing, activations, social media amplification and influencer marketing.
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For the love of drama
My daughter has just segued into her second year of being a teenager. Sometimes, I think I should be making notes to write a book or TV series. 8 Mar 2023 Read more

MediaHeads 360, celebrating 4 years of growth
On the 18 February, MediaHeads 360 celebrated their birthday, announcing on social media that they're 18, going on four years old. 24 Feb 2023 Read more

Storytelling on television has been a key aspect of entertaining and engaging audiences for decades
From the late seventies, television has become a staple with South African audiences, from bunny-ears, decoders to dishes, and streaming devices. 8 Feb 2023 Read more

Candy Dempers
I grew up in a time when children were to be seen not heard. 17 Jan 2023 Read more

"kree" + "AY" + "tiv"
Creative people ask questions, nurture ideas, open minds, develop thoughts, unsettle the status quo, motivate the mind's eye, are curious, understand the square peg and the round hole, embrace challenge, inspire confidence, shift paradigms, and observe quietly. Creative people engage, enhance, and embellish the everyday. Creative people shift every aspect of society, sometimes at full volume or in perfect silence. 14 Nov 2022 Read more

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