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Maximizer Software Ltd are the leading provider of proven and affordable customer relationship management for sales, marketing and customer service, and being the No 1 player in the Mobile CRM market.
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Artificial intelligence and CRM: a 'future-forward' partnership
As the Internet and social media continue to buzz with discussions around recently-released chatbots that use artificial intelligence (AI) to produce content in a human-like way, so too can the conversation also be broadened to consider the use of AI technology within the customer relationship management (CRM) arena. 10 Mar 2023 Read more

CRM enables organisational fitness for proactive business management within the energy crisis
An effective application of a customer relationship management (CRM) system allows business owners and management to maximise their operations even during major challenges such as the global Covid-19 pandemic - and now, in South Africa, also during the difficulties brought about by the current energy crisis. 13 Feb 2023 Read more

Boosting the team leader: Camsoft unveils Maximizer's Sales Leader Edition
Any good sales leader knows that success comes down to the quality - and performance - of the salespeople. That being said, shouldering the responsibility for a team's sales success can be very onerous and stressful. Customer relationship management (CRM) global leader Maximizer has unveiled a new solution - Sales Leader Edition - specifically designed to assist the sales manager or sales team leader. 3 Feb 2023 Read more

Spring 2022 Maximizer release delivers new Interactions tab, and more
New Interactions tab means all your customer communications are now in one place. 19 Aug 2022 Read more

F-Secure Corporate Security relaunches as WithSecure
The corporate security business of F-Secure has relaunched as a new brand that shares the company's new name WithSecure™. To benefit from the power of diversity, the brand was developed in extensive collaboration with F-Secure employees, reseller partners, and clients. The name reinforces the belief that facing cybersecurity challenges together produces more effective outcomes than trying to protect anything alone. WithSecure™ aims to be the strategic partner for businesses that want measurable security outcomes. 25 Mar 2022 Read more

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