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Engagement Factory, a Blend360 Company Press Office
We are Engagement Factory - a customer engagement agency to the core. We help our clients transform into true customer-centric organisations by combining strategy and insights, fuelled by creativity and technology.
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What business problems does RevOps solve?
SaaS growth is no longer a funnel - it's a flywheel. The flywheel consists of setting people up, activating them, engaging them and referring them to restart the entire process. As a business grows, it becomes harder and at the same time more critical to adopt processes that keep the company working towards the same goals; if one area breaks - it can quickly get in the way of the effectiveness of the rest. This is where Revenue Operations, or RevOps, comes in. 9 Mar 2023 Read more

Do you need a Customer Data Platform?
2022 was a challenging year. War, inflation, cost of living, strikes, climate crises, and ... the list continues. For me, I am thankful for work. Something I can use to focus my attention and block out the negative rhetoric around me. 13 Jan 2023 Read more

Considerations in today's market for building the optimal assortment
Today's market presents a variety of considerations when building an optimal assortment. Companies must look at the needs of their customers, the competition, their product mix, pricing, and the availability of stock. There are other aspects too like the impact of technology, changing consumer preferences, and the need to maximise profits. By taking into account all of these factors, businesses can create an assortment that will drive sales and increase profits. 5 Jan 2023 Read more

EF, a Blend360 EMEA company, rated best in world class customer satisfaction
EF, A Blend360 EMEA company, a leading provider of data science and customer experience solutions, announced today that they have been rated as best in world class customer satisfaction in all areas of client and digital strategic services. 12 Dec 2022 Read more

Engagement Factory celebrates their 1-year milestone with Blend360!
Engagement Factory is celebrating the anniversary of its incorporation into global data science and talent solutions company, Blend360. As a customer-centric engagement agency, Engagement Factory has enabled organisations of all sizes to boost their revenue through digital marketing. The merger with Blend360 has served to empower their initiatives further with greater access to data-science and analytical resources. 5 Jul 2022 Read more

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