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FlySafair forges ahead with new African routes
With almost 47% growth in recent years, FlySafair is still adding to its portfolio with exciting new destinations for African travellers. 11 Sep 2023 Read more

Airlink: The good, the bad, and the innovative
In a sense Airlink has been forced to the forefront of the SA airline industry, but it hasn't all been plain sailing for this commercially vibrant operator with the carrier facing allegations of predatory pricing. Read more. 16 Aug 2023 Read more

FlySafair has the green light for 3 new regional routes
The IASC has granted FlySafair three additional routes for 2023, opening up extra avenues for business and leisure. Find out where they're flying to ... 3 Mar 2023 Read more

Recognising the most punctual South African airlines
Punctuality during business travel is easier than you think when you fly with South African Airlines. These are the top achievers when it comes to on-time arrivals. 6 Feb 2023 Read more

Flights to Durban ramp up in 2023
Durban is back in business despite the floods, lockdowns, and looting of recent years, and airline operators are on track to ensure investors and business travellers can reap the benefits of the city's resurgence. 9 Jan 2023 Read more

Lift flights from Durban to Cape Town take off for the holidays
With the busy December season well underway, the chances of an impromptu holiday might seem remote for most. This is especially true amid the current dearth of domestic flights in South Africa. Fortunately, there is a glimmer of hope ion the horizon as Lift flights from Durban to Cape Town get underway. 8 Dec 2022 Read more

Looking beyond December for domestic flights in South Africa
While domestic airlines struggle to broaden their offering, tardy travellers find themselves without a booking for their December break. After the ravages of the pandemic, last-minute air tickets are a rarity nowadays, but there's hope on the horizon. 4 Nov 2022 Read more

British Airways now offering more flights to Cape Town than ever
While domestic flights remain hotly contested, BA offers more opportunities for international travellers wanting a flight to Cape Town. 1 Sep 2022 Read more

Airlink grows their offering to cover Comair's collapse
Comair's closing has had a widespread impact on domestic travel in South Africa, wiping out about 40% of aircraft capacity. Amid fears of price hikes, Airlink is taking steps to grow their fleet and add new routes to make up the shortfall faster. Keep reading for the latest news on booking Airlink flights to new destinations. 3 Aug 2022 Read more

Plan ahead to maximise airline travel in 2022
With domestic flights at an all-time low, travellers are experiencing a range of difficulties when it comes to affordable flights. Fortunately, South African domestic carriers have come up with a host of conveniences that make booking and planning for flights that much easier. 13 Jul 2022 Read more

It's time to take travel seriously after Comair's demise
The airline industry has experienced more than its fair share of turbulent times lately. We've seen some new operators take to the skies, while established ones find themselves floundering after two years of hardships. 9 Jun 2022 Read more

Airlink is flying higher than ever before
Airlink is somewhat of an enigma in the travel industry. During 2020, when airlines across the globe, including major operators like SAA, Air Italy, and Trans States Airlines, were closing their doors, Airlink thrived. Today, it occupies the top spot when it comes to SA's largest airlines by number of flights and the size of its fleet. 10 May 2022 Read more

Cape Town is filling up fast thanks to the RWC 7s Tournament
After a two-year hiatus, accommodation and flight bookings for Cape Town are back at fever pitch. With the recent release of the Rugby World Cup Sevens tickets online, the city anticipates a bumper season for the beleaguered tourism industry this year. 10 Mar 2022 Read more

Is it time to normalise travel once again?
The international knee-jerk response to the Omicron virus was the final blow for many in an already struggling tourism industry, putting paid to yet another peak holiday season. Most establishments, especially in Africa, were all set for a comparatively busy holiday season, only to experience cancellations from all their international clients who were unable to travel. 8 Feb 2022 Read more

At last! The Qatar Airways confusion is over
Along with most of the Northern Hemisphere, Qatar Airways stopped servicing South Africans in late November when the Omicron virus first raised its head. The ban didn't last long with the airline announcing it would resume flights to South Africa on 12 December. 12 Jan 2022 Read more

Don't let travel bans punish you - Now's the best time to take a break
Once again, South Africa finds herself isolated from the rest of the world at a critical time for the tourism industry. We can criticize this knee-jerk reaction of foreign nations as much as we like, but there's little we can do about it - or is there? 13 Dec 2021 Read more

Airlink - your link to business travel in Africa
Throughout the 2020 lockdown and ongoing restrictions, Airlink was one of the few domestic airlines business travellers could count on. Not only did the airline stay in the air, and afloat, but it's continued to improve and enhance its services throughout 2020 and beyond. 8 Nov 2021 Read more

Airlines move to attract more passengers as SAA returns to the skies
Low demand and fewer airlines meant higher prices for South African air passengers in recent times. Now with the return of SAA, relief is in sight. 8 Oct 2021 Read more

What you can expect to spring for airline tickets in SA this September
Despite the travel industry's ongoing struggles, most major airlines are starting to spread their wings once again this month. Now that there's a little more competition for customers, can we expect prices to improve, or will they soar as airlines play catch-up? 2 Sep 2021 Read more

FlySafair flies the flag for South Africa in recovery
FlySafair is upheld as one of South Africa's most affordable and reliable carriers. Regardless of the challenges, this airline continues to deliver affordable and reliable service for both travellers and cargo. Here's what FlySafair's doing to keep things ticking over during tough times. 6 Aug 2021 Read more

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