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Welcome to the Press Office is a South African domain name and website hosting provider. Innovation, superior value-added business solutions and a dedication to quality and service set us aside from the competition.
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How to choose the right top-level (TLD) domain name
Your domain name and its extension have the potential to make a lasting impression on your future customers. It's an investment in your digital future that deserves thoughtful consideration and ongoing management. Whether you're launching a new venture, expanding your business, or rebranding an existing company, selecting the right top-level domain (TLD) is important. This decision can significantly impact your brand's visibility, credibility, and overall success online. 24 Jul 2024 Read more

Why a 'cool' top-level domain is good for business
These days you are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a top-level domain (TLD) for a new venture. If your desired domain name is not available with a extension and is not trademarked, you can simply opt for a, or even a .africa, which are all considered as SA's top domains. 12 Jul 2024 Read more

Top 8 checkpoints to choose the best website builder in South Africa
Choosing the right website builder can make all the difference in creating a professional and effective site. Whether you're launching a new business, starting a personal blog, or creating an online portfolio, the builder you select will impact the functionality, design, and overall success of your website. 1 Jul 2024 Read more

Finding the best web hosting in South Africa: 7 tips to get started
The right web hosting provider is just as important as your business website itself. While web hosting in South Africa might seem a similar service across providers, their quality can vary significantly. To ensure your website performs optimally and remains secure, it's essential to consider a few key factors before making your decision. In this article, we'll explore seven essential tips to help you find the best web hosting in South Africa. 18 Jun 2024 Read more

Reasons to install an SSL certificate on your website
Your website provides direct access to customers and potential clients globally, thereby making website security of paramount importance. One of the first steps to secure your site is by obtaining an SSL certificate. An SSL Certificate adds a layer of security by encrypting the communication between your website and its visitors. 7 Jun 2024 Read more

How to make your small business appear more accomplished
Whatever your small business is selling, know this: the competition is on! Large organisations with an established market presence, larger advertising budgets, more employees, and stronger customer trust are winning over customers in their sleep. But fear not! If you have an exceptional product or service, here's how you can amplify your small business's presence and stand out: 28 May 2024 Read more

Email marketing: The affordable and effective strategy your business needs
When you hear "email," do you picture an outdated form of communication overshadowed by social media and influencer marketing? Think again. Email is the steadfast and reliable queen of digital communication. 20 May 2024 Read more

4 reasons your SME should embrace sustainability
Given the significant role that Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play in the economy, your business has a responsibility to communities and customers to be more sustainable. Consumers are growing increasingly aware of whether the businesses they support care about the planet or not. Are you doing your part? 15 May 2024 Read more

How to make the most of a .click domain name
The world of domain names has expanded far beyond the traditional .com or country-specific extensions like and In recent years, ICANN has introduced a range of new and creative domain extensions, including .love, .tech, .online, and the ever-popular .click. These unique domain options are gaining traction among start-ups and small businesses. If you're curious about which types of companies can make the most of a .click domain name, read on. 7 May 2024 Read more

WordPress Hosting in South Africa - What you need to know
WordPress Hosting in South Africa is a relatively "young" service. However, over the years it has become a clear favourite. With hundreds of thousands of websites in the country running on WordPress’ Content Management System (CMS), it's worth knowing what all the hype around WordPress Hosting is about. 7 May 2024 Read more

3 ways to maximise your new e-commerce website
With South Africa's online shopper population expected to reach 37 million by 2027, now could be a great time to launch your e-commerce website. However, amidst the promising prospects, the landscape is highly competitive. You will need to really step up what you do online to stand out. 29 Apr 2024 Read more

10 tips to transform your side hustle into a successful small business
Are you at a crossroads with your side hustle, wondering if it's time to take the leap into full-fledged small business ownership? The transition from a side project to a sustainable business venture is immense. It requires careful consideration and planning. 23 Apr 2024 Read more

7 WordPress trends to watch in 2024
In 2024 WordPress website aesthetics will take a back seat, with website functionality and user-experience (UX) running the show. As a result, developers and WordPress Hosting providers will be aligning with these and other emerging business trends to meet customer expectations in the coming year. 25 Jan 2024 Read more

7 strategies for SME success in 2024
Managing a small to medium enterprise (SME) is tricky. In South Africa, SMEs encounter numerous obstacles such as a fragile economy, high crime rates, and cash flow issues, compounded by the physical and financial repercussions of load shedding. Position your SME for success in the upcoming year by implementing the below strategies. 4 Dec 2023 Read more

Women's Month: How to become a successful entrepreneur
According to the Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs, women business owners in South Africa have reached 21.9%, a figure that continues to show positive growth each year. 17 Aug 2023 Read more

Which industries stand to gain from a .africa domain name?
Africa is currently experiencing a surge in prominence on all levels, particularly from a business point of view. The continent offers an abundance of untapped opportunities for enterprises across numerous and varied sectors. Consequently, an increasing number of companies have recognised the advantages of adopting a .africa domain name. 14 Jun 2023 Read more

5 reasons why managed WordPress Hosting is ideal for your WordPress website
Managed WordPress Hosting offers many advantages for businesses looking to optimise their WordPress websites. Regardless of the complexity or size of your website, the choice of hosting provider can significantly affect its functionality. Tailor-made hosting designed specifically for WordPress websites always provides the best results. In this article, we will explore the top reasons as to why. 26 May 2023 Read more

5 types of businesses that will excel with a .click domain name
In today's digital age, having a strong online presence is essential for any business. And it all starts with a domain name. Preferably one that is easy to remember, clear, specific, and memorable. While there are many different domain extensions to choose from, one that has become increasingly popular in recent years is .click. 11 Apr 2023 Read more

5 top reasons to choose as your hosting provider
Hosting is a fundamental part of how the digital world works. It is therefore important that the hosting provider you choose offers the best and most reliable hosting solutions available. 27 Feb 2023 Read more

How to drive sales in 2023 - focus on consumers!
In 2023, consumer behaviour will be heavily influenced by what's going on in the world and in the country. Consumers are adapting their buying habits to the current downturn in the economy, global warming, and loadshedding. 15 Feb 2023 Read more

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