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At Cingulate, as a full-service, cross-marketing and advertising agency we offer you a 360° spectrum of agency services from strategy and concept development, to creative design, advertising (traditional and digital), media planning and buying, promotional material and event management.
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Healthcare marketer - don't be camera shy: make compelling videos for your brand
Video grabs attention, and online consumers are hungry for useful content. Healthcare marketers have an opportunity to provide video content that consumers, patients and healthcare professionals (HCPs) can trust, knowing it's scientifically evidence-based and has undergone a stringent medical and regulatory approval process. 30 Aug 2022 Read more

Don't be anti-social: Make social media work for your healthcare brand. Here's how
Today, social media is an important component of a brand's multichannel communication strategy. Pharma companies have however been slow to adopt social media marketing. Here, Sabine Raves, CEO of Cingulate Marketing & Advertising shares how to successfully approach social media to effectively reach healthcare professionals (HCPs), patients and consumers alike, whilst mitigating any risks. 1 Feb 2022 Read more

Healthcare marketer, do your online assets have that human touch?
Digital technology allows pharmaceutical companies to communicate with vast numbers of their customers. But that doesn't have to imply impersonal, one-size-fits-all solutions! Cingulate Marketing and Advertising can help you deliver that customised online experience to your healthcare professionals (HCPs) and consumers, to achieve a single-minded, integrated brand campaign. 31 Aug 2021 Read more

Breaking news: 85% of healthcare professionals now want to liaise with representatives online!
In a world forever changed by the Pandemic, pharmaceutical companies (pharma) have had to start communicating with healthcare professional (HCP) clients online. The latest statistics from global healthcare e-platform Veeva show that this move to digital interaction is creating lucrative opportunities for healthcare marketers and their clients. As Veeva's only accredited healthcare content partner in South Africa, Cingulate Marketing and Advertising can help your marketing team to increase their digital reach and impact. 4 May 2021 Read more

Healthcare marketer - Is your audience engaged online?
As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resultant global lockdowns, many healthcare companies have doubled or even tripled their digital marketing communication. Whilst connecting with your brand's stakeholders online is now imperative, it's equally important to ensure your stakeholders are engaged with your brand's online content. Cingulate Marketing & Advertising shares three steps to achieve rewarding online engagement. 26 Jan 2021 Read more

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