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Brandfundi is a boutique brand communications agency, specialising in Public Relations and Marketing. We exist to provide expert brand communications services to companies in the B2B space, helping to build, repair and/or protect brand reputations with integrity and professionalism.
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Key take-outs from the Hootsuite Social Media Consumer Report 2024
According to Hootsuite’s recently launched Social Media Consumer Report 2024, marketers are getting it wrong when building relationships with consumers online through social media. The findings clearly explain what resonates and what falls flat, offering valuable insights on critical aspects and helping brands foster engaging relationships with target audiences. 5 Apr 2024 Read more

Brandfundi successful at the 2024 Global Business Insight Awards
Brand communications agency Brandfundi is celebrating after being named Best Boutique Brand Communications Agency 2024 - Johannesburg in the prestigious 2024 Global Business Insight (GBI) Awards. 22 Feb 2024 Read more

Brandfundi named Boutique Brand Communications Agency of the Year _ South Africa in MEA Business Awards 2023
Brandfundi, a leading boutique communications agency, has been honoured as the Boutique Brand Communications Agency of the Year – South Africa in the MEA Business Awards 2023. This prestigious recognition highlights the agency's dedication and innovation in brand communications. 2 Feb 2024 Read more

The intersection of global challenges and PR evolution
While navigating last year’s convoluted global challenges, it’s evident that the nexus between PR strategies and real-world issues is inextricable. With socio-economic struggles, geopolitical tensions, climate change, and health challenges dominating the discourse, the PR sector has seen significant shifts in its approach. 31 Jan 2024 Read more

Social media trends: Just an annual echo?
The beginning of the year always presents a flood of predictions, trends and forecasts from industry experts, opinion leaders and those who want to jump on the bandwagon. After reviewing the plethora of social media trends for 2024, it quickly became evident that much of the thinking is simply an echo of previous years. Familiar themes like authenticity, video, AI, TikTok's rise, and personalisation have been regurgitated as rehashed trends overlooking the essential human element driving them. 25 Jan 2024 Read more

Neglected aspects of reputation management and solutions for businesses
Reputation management is a crucial practice for shaping, monitoring, and maintaining the perception of individuals, companies, or brands among their target audience and stakeholders. However, certain aspects of reputation management are often neglected, leaving businesses vulnerable to potential risks. This article highlights these neglected areas and offers solutions to overcome these pitfalls within a business. 7 Jun 2023 Read more

You can't shrink your way to greatness
Recently, the international Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published that the global economy is projected to remain subdued in the second half of 2022, before slowing further in 2023 to an annual growth of just 2.2%. 10 Oct 2022 Read more

Prestige names Brandfundi 'Brand Communication Company of the Year'
Based on service excellence, innovative practices, values, ethics, and performance consistency, Brandfundi was just awarded Brand Communication Company of the Year - Gauteng, by The Prestige Awards. This is the boutique agency's third consecutive win in these awards. 29 Aug 2022 Read more

The youth's impact on brand communication
The youth (up to 25 years old) are driving change for brand communications globally, and the pace is picking up. It's no secret that communication has been continuously evolving since the beginning of verbal communication: language evolves, as does the way we interpret and express ourselves to one another. So why is it that the youth now have such an impact on the way brands communicate and advertise? 15 Jun 2022 Read more

Brandfundi wins Best Boutique Marketing and PR Agency
Brandfundi was recently shortlisted in the 2022 Global Business Awards and named Best Boutique Marketing and PR Agency in Johannesburg 2022. 10 Nov 2021 Read more

Brandfundi wins South Africa Prestige Awards 2021/22
For the second consecutive year, Brandfundi was shortlisted for and won the 'Content Creation Service of the Year' category in the South Africa Prestige Awards 2021/22. 5 Oct 2021 Read more

PR, you've changed...
Public relations has been the only profession I have known. I started back in 1999 when the company I worked for scheduled time daily for the team to queue with a floppy disc in hand to load all our emails onto the one computer that connected to a dial-up internet connection point. Granted, this was 22 years ago. Much has changed in the world, thankfully. And naturally, PR has evolved drastically, but even more so in the past six years - since I started my own agency. Dare I say it; Covid has played a part. Duh! The pandemic has been the driver of so much change globally, and everyone is well aware of its impact, so I won't elaborate. But it's important to note that strategic communication and brand positioning is critical for survival and reputation management. 13 Jul 2021 Read more

Brand lessons from the Friends sitcom's timeless appeal
The Friends Reunion has a lot of people talking. The show was broadcast on Sunday, 30 May 2021, 17 years after the series ended, and I'm amongst those who felt it was somewhat random. 3 Jun 2021 Read more

SA Prestige Awards names Brandfundi Content Creation Service of the Year
Brandfundi has been awarded The Corporate Livewire South Africa Prestige Content Creation Service of the Year - Gauteng - South Africa. These awards recognise SMEs that have proven to be the best in their market over the past year. 18 Sep 2020 Read more

The market is vulnerable; raise your EQ
The marketing and communications landscape has had to build on its EQ (emotional intelligence) during the Covid-19 pandemic as individual priorities the world over shifted. In the face of job and financial insecurity, life-threatening health risks, social distancing and possible isolation, the majority of people began to feel exposed and vulnerable. 28 Aug 2020 Read more

Don't neglect employee engagement during #Covid-19
During the Covid-19 pandemic, brands worldwide are doing their best to assure customers that they're there for them. Brand communications teams are working hard to reaffirm that their brand is "here to help", "take care of people", and, my personal favourite, "we're in this together." 21 Apr 2020 Read more

So, you fired your PR agency, but were you ever on the same page?
The public relations (PR) industry has fought to overcome its fair share of general negative perceptions throughout the years. We've been dubbed the "bums and balloons" in business and spin doctors, and let's not forget the infamous Bell Pottinger stunts that tarnished our profession. 21 Nov 2019 Read more

Brandfundi named Best Boutique Marketing and PR Agency in Johannesburg
This month MEA Markets magazine announced the winners of the 2019 African Excellence Business Awards. After a rigorous and in-depth nomination, voting and judging process, carried out by the publication's network of global industry experts and its in-house team, Brandfundi has been awarded the 'Best Boutique Marketing and PR Agency' in Johannesburg. 10 Jul 2019 Read more

PR IP at risk of being used without payment
A survey carried out for the Holmes Report by the PRCA (Public Relations and Communications Association) recently indicated that almost 50% of public relations (PR) leaders both in-house and in agency consultancies claim that they experienced intellectual property (IP) rights infringement in the last year. 1 Jul 2019 Read more

Don't be a one-trick pony; there's more to PR than media relations
Public relations has historically been considered a press release machine, driving awareness through editorial, and relying on AVEs (advertising value equivalents) to demonstrate value through the estimated cost of the press release coverage achieved. 12 Mar 2019 Read more

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