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Borderless Access is an award-winning market research company with its digital-first products and solutions for agile research. We fulfil the dynamic and multi-dimensional research demands of our global clientele with our technology-enabled insights solutions and first-party hyper-niche communities.
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Exploring the uptake of electric two-wheelers as a growing means of road transportation in sub-Saharan Africa
There are ongoing discussions and debates on a global scale around strategies and opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint, noise, and air pollution as well as our dependency on fuel. Scientists, environmentalists, and industry experts are promoting the electrification of road transport as a viable alternative to the fossil fuel-based vehicles in use. 23 Feb 2022 Read more

Unwrapping shopper insights over the holiday season - exploring behaviours, trends, expectations and more
Understanding how shoppers think and behave over busy holiday shopping periods can be extremely helpful for brands and retail platforms in order to enhance their customer shopping experience, be it online or in-store. With the retail landscape shifting in a pandemic environment, businesses are looking for creative and insightful ways to tap into shopper drivers in order to maximise revenue generation. 20 Jan 2022 Read more

Smart thinking in sub-Saharan Africa
Casually controlling your music from your smartphone or checking your security cameras while on holiday has become a part of the pattern of modern life around the world. Borderless Access has done a deep dive into which smart devices people living in sub-Saharan Africa (specifically South Africa and Nigeria) are using and how. 15 Oct 2021 Read more

'Brand Humanization' won the Gold at Esomar Research Effectiveness Awards 2021
At the Esomar Research Effectiveness Awards 2021 last week, Borderless Access and Unilever were honoured with the Gold award for their collaborative case study based paper, 'The evolution of brand humanization' using digital bot-enabled research methodology. 1 Oct 2021 Read more

Making healthy habits stick after Covid
Since Covid-19, there has been a dramatic shift in consumers' mindsets globally towards healthier lifestyle habits. Global digital market research company, Borderless Access, set out to find out what South Africans changed about their lifestyles and how food and beverage companies can help support consumers. 20 Sep 2021 Read more

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