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Bidvest Mobility partners with Vuzix to elevate mobility solutions for the extended supply chain
Bidvest Mobility, a leading provider of mobile computing and barcoding solutions, will showcase its latest supply chain software and technologies in collaboration with Vuzix, a global pioneer in augmented reality (AR) smart glasses and wearable display devices, at the upcoming 2024 SAPICS Conference and Exhibition. 15 May 2024 Read more

Revolutionising warehouse efficiency with Honeywell Pick by Voice Solution at Vector Logistics
Explore the transformative impact of Bidvest Mobility's integration of the Honeywell Pick By Voice Solution at Vector's Coega warehouse, a journey that began nearly a decade ago. 3 Apr 2024 Read more

SANBS now a digital blood donation system to attract youth and improve experience
Bidvest Mobility, a leader in the mobile computing industry, has played a pivotal role in revolutionising the blood donation process for the South African National Blood Service (SANBS). Their expertise and technical prowess have enabled the SANBS to transition seamlessly into a fully digitised blood donation system, enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of this critical service. 25 Mar 2024 Read more

Bidvest Mobility doubles up on Honeywell Awards
At the recent Honeywell Executive Connect Summit for Africa, Bidvest Mobility received both the 'Partner of the Year 2022 Award' and 'Project of the Year 2022 Award' for sub-Saharan Africa. 12 Jul 2023 Read more

Bidvest Mobility partners with StayLinked to keep warehouse operations connected
Bidvest Mobility, leaders in enterprise mobility and barcoding computing solutions, announced that it is partnering with US-based StayLinked to bring their market leading innovative SmartTE terminal emulation (TE) solutions to South African supply chain organisations and warehouse operators. 6 Jul 2023 Read more

Bidvest Mobility partners with Datalogic to take mobility to the next level
Bidvest Mobility, a leading provider of mobile computing and barcoding solutions, will showcase its latest innovations in supply chain software and technologies in partnership with Datalogic, a global leader in automatic data capture and process automation solutions, at the upcoming 2023 SAPICS Conference and Exhibition. 31 May 2023 Read more

Bidvest acquires the Roan Group of Companies
Bidvest has announced that it has acquired the Roan Systems Group of Companies (RSG), effective on 1 April 2023. 24 Apr 2023 Read more

Bidvest Mobility scoops the Honeywell Partner of the Year Award
Bidvest Mobility received the coveted Partner of the Year Award - Sub Saharan Africa at Elevate - Honeywell's Safety and Productivity Solutions, Annual Partner Conference in Cairo, Egypt. 16 Aug 2022 Read more

Mobility key to driving efficiency in the supply chain
At this year's SAPICS 2022 Conference and Exhibition, Bidvest Mobility will demonstrate how the latest mobile technologies, solutions, and services drive efficiencies in world class 'purpose driven' supply chains. 24 May 2022 Read more

Bidvest Mobility expands its service offering to meet supply chain demands
Mobile computing and barcoding solutions are instrumental in increasing efficiencies and driving traceability in the supply chain. There are several key components that make up a mobility solution, which include a combination of hardware devices, software applications and a range of services. What is key to the smooth running of a mission-critical enterprise mobility solution are the services required to ensure that it is always operational. 15 Sep 2021 Read more

Mobile computing solutions help meet Covid challenges in transport and logistics operations
E-commerce and transport and logistics players have experienced a complete upheaval since the pandemic started. This sector, although buoyant, has not only become very volatile, with freight costs going through the roof worldwide, but also inflation affecting the cost of products locally. The business rules have changed completely and as the economy restarted after shutdown conditions and restrictions lifted, T&L operations are requiring very specific and customised solutions to meet the ever-changing landscape. 2 Jul 2021 Read more

Double scoop for Bidvest Mobility at Honeywell Partner Excellence Awards
Bidvest Mobility received two of the most covetted awards at this year's Honeywell Elevate 2021 Partner Excellence Awards ceremony hosted online in January. The awards included Partner of the Year 2020 and Project of the Year 2020 for the African region. 1 Feb 2021 Read more

Bidvest Mobility achieves BEE level one rating
Bidvest Mobility, a division of Bidvest Paperplus (Pty) Ltd and member of the Bidvest Group, recently achieved a BEE rating as a level one contributor. 20 Jan 2021 Read more

Increase your DC's agility with Honeywell's latest mobile devices
During the global pandemic, supply chain pressure has forced distribution centres to become more agile and efficient to handle the challenges of customers in a changing world. As the economy opens up, DCs and warehouses are reviewing new technologies to increase agility, productivity and safety protocols. 25 Nov 2020 Read more

Mitigating the spread of Covid-19 by managing mobile devices in the supply chain
Enterprise mobile technology, such as barcode scanners, mobile computers, headsets, vehicle mount computers and other devices, is used extensively in the supply chain to track the movement of goods from the plant, warehouse or distribution centre to the end-user. 19 Nov 2020 Read more

Ensure your supply chain is ready for the peak season
Although it's uncertain what sales this peak season will bring, retailers are gearing up to participate in upcoming events, such as Black Friday on 27 November, Christmas, followed by back-to-school in the new year. It's not just anticipating stock levels, but also ensuring that the supply chain is ready to fulfill consumer demands in brick 'n mortar and online stores. 11 Nov 2020 Read more

Meeting Covid-19 and future challenges in your distribution centre
The global health crisis has had a major impact within the distribution centre environments that have been providing the lifeline to retailers, manufacturers and end users alike. As restrictions on business begin to lift, distribution centres are evaluating and implementing technology solutions designed to address and manage social distancing and new cleaning procedures advised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other regulatory bodies. 6 Oct 2020 Read more

Demand for technology to decrypt SA drivers' licenses increases
During the Covid-19 lockdown, there has been an increased demand for technology solutions that make it easy to decrypt South African drivers' licenses. 14 Jul 2020 Read more

Bidvest Mobility expands its range of intrinsically safe mobile computers for hazardous applications
Bidvest Mobility, a leader in mobile computing and barcoding solutions, has expanded its range of intrinsically safe mobile computers to meet the demand in the mining, oil and gas and other environments to digitise tasks in hazardous areas. 9 Jun 2020 Read more

Uptake in automated dimensioning systems as e-commerce expands
As e-commerce ramps up in South Africa due to lockdown, Bidvest Mobility, a leader in mobile computing and barcoding solutions, has experienced an uptake in the demand for automated dimensioning systems for inbound and outbound shipping operations... 3 Jun 2020 Read more

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