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AutoTrader is SA's leading online vehicle marketplace. Bringing together buyers and sellers across all types of vehicles with 5 million visits each month across more than 78,000 vehicles on mobile, tablet, desktop devices and apps.
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AutoTrader powers the e-mobility revolution
In its boldest e-mobility initiative yet, AutoTrader - a long-standing proponent of new energy vehicles - has announced that it will participate in E-Fest Cape Town. The event offers special events, festivities, and entertainment created to celebrate sustainability, alternative e-mobility, and renewable energy solutions. 18 Jan 2023 Read more

A comical take on electric vehicle misconceptions
Comedy goes a long way when it comes to educating people around misconceptions. And when it comes to the electric vehicle (EV), there are many. 14 Dec 2022 Read more

What to expect when you own and drive an EV. AutoTrader spells it out
There aren't many electric cars on our roads. Most South Africans have never even seen an electric vehicle (EV), never mind driven one. Understandably, little is known about them. And that leads to misconceptions. But those in the know can tell a very different story. 12 Dec 2022 Read more

AutoTrader's Annual #ElectricCarChallenge: EV results are in!
The second annual South African #ElectricCarChallenge, charged by AutoTrader has just taken place. Electric vehicle (EV) expert and AutoTrader CEO George Mienie - who participated in the event - says it served to highlight (and also resolve) some issues relating to new energy vehicles in the country. 8 Dec 2022 Read more

How far can my EV go? AutoTrader's #ElectricCarChallenge reveals all
AutoTrader's second annual SA #ElectricCarChallenge has yielded interesting results - most notably the fact that electric vehicles (EVs) typically have an approximate range of 272-307km when driven at a constant speed from 100 to 10% battery charge. 6 Dec 2022 Read more

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