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An environment that celebrates the individual

Our registered and accredited degrees focus on the individual, above all helping our students to develop skills that have been identified by the World Economic Forum as the most sought-after in the modern job market: complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence, teamwork and cognitive flexibility. The Creative Academy offers a unique educational experience that empowers students to transform talent, passion and drive into career-ready skills that will allow them to boldly shape the future, rather than just live in it.

The Creative Academy fosters a transdisciplinary culture by hosting four distinct degrees that collaborate and integrate where relevant.


With its ability to transcend language barriers, communication design is proving to be the true language of the globalised economy. Communication Design brings together various traditional and contemporary approaches to Graphic Design, Animation, Illustration and Photography in order to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to work as astute visual communicators within various sectors of the creative industries.


The creation of art, regardless of the format, has through the ages always been a key component to the creation and perpetual evolution of individual and global culture. With the world increasingly looking towards Africa as a prolific arena for the development of creative expression and innovative practice, the art world is experiencing an explosion of commercial and conceptual opportunities.


With the global shift from a product-driven to an experience-driven economy, the School of Experience Design focuses on the importance of digital user experiences in everyday life. Sitting at the heart of the fastest expanding industries in the world, the understanding of the design and development of interactive digital experiences that places the end-user first, places students at the top of the employability chain. Why fear that Artificial Intelligence will take over your job, when you can be working alongside AI in developing what our digital future will look like?


The moving image is without a doubt the future of communication. From advertising, to entertainment and social media - people are increasingly seeking out this type of content above all else. Motion design draws on graphic design, 2D animation, 3D animation, compositing and the integration of sound and motion in order to meaningful audiovisual message that manage to harness attention and capture the imagination.


The Bachelor of Arts Honours in Contemporary Art guides graduate students through practical experimentation and research related to their artistic practice, culminating in the presentation of a focussed body of artistic works. As the only postgraduate programme to specialise in Contemporary Art in South Africa, the BA (Hons) CA is strategically positioned for graduate students intending to advance their conceptual thinking abilities, artistic practice and research skills in the field of Contemporary Art as a means to further their standing, both academically and professionally. This programme aims to highlight the role and importance of artists as critical cultural workers as part of the institution's mission to contribute to the growth and development of Contemporary Art discourse and practice on the African continent.


The Bachelor of Arts Honours in Visual Communication guides graduate students through practical experimentation and research related to their field of specialisation, under the guidance of specialist research and practical supervisors. By developing an integrated self-directed project of this scope and rigour, students are afforded the opportunity to develop the depth of their unique skill set, conceptual concerns and professional portfolio, so as to give them a competitive edge, both in terms of their academic and professional standing.