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about us

Our story

Optimi Classroom is made up of ITSI Education, ITSI Academy, and Arrow Academy. ITSI Education is a leading provider of interactive digital solutions for education. At Optimi Classroom, we believe that learning extends beyond the four walls of a classroom or lecture hall. In an era where technology is making learning easier than ever, educational institutions have the opportunity to ensure they present information to their students that is reputable, relevant, and reachable.

At Optimi Classroom, we are proud to be partners in learning with schools, TVETs and tertiary institutions in South Africa and neighbouring countries.

What we do

Optimi Classroom's mission is to empower schools, TVETs, learning institutions and educators to deliver exceptional teaching and learning experiences that prepare students for the future. From ITSI's library of 440 000 hard copies and e-books to our digital facilitation and training and our free e-learning application miEbooks, high-quality education is our goal.

ITSI Academy offers unrivalled training, professional development, and support to educators and students to ensure they are ready for the future. We offer practical tools, such as our subject diagnostics, after-school tutoring, and career guidance. Arrow Academy is a private primary school located in Die Hoewes, Centurion.