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about us

We are the Artificial Intelligence, Human and Cultural understanding business.

Helping our client make better business decisions through a dynamic blend of:
Artificial Intelligence - using the power of Artificial Intelligence to create new and better forms of insight.
Human Intelligence - passionately understanding people at a deeper level.
Cultural Intelligence - exposing the hidden forces influencing consumer decisions.

This is applied across our four practice areas:
1. Insight Communities: Delivering faster, more connected insights when you need them most
2. Insight Consultancy: Developing strategic insights, you can confidently act upon.
3. Culture & Futures: Creating honest and bold cultural insights and trend analysis.
4. AI for Better Insight: Unlocking new and untapped commercial value from data.

Proudly independent, our global team bringing joined-up thinking and cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best answers to any business challenge.

Better intelligence. Better business decisions. Delivered with Verve