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about us

We take a holistic approach to understanding people to help our clients react to global change.

We do this by combining the best of Cultural, Human and Artificial Intelligence:

Cultural Intelligence – understanding the forces that impact behaviour through Social Intelligence; Cultural & Trend Insights; Semiotics; Anthropology and Expert Perspectives

Human Intelligence – Digging deeper into behaviours through Online Quant; Advanced Analytics & Transactional Data Analysis; Offline & Digital Qual; Behavioural Science; UX and Communities

Artificial Intelligence – Using our sophisticated AI tool to de-coding culture at speed and at scale, analyzing vast amounts data - text and imagery - using semiotic principles and psychological frameworks.

Proudly independent, our global team bring the best answers to any business challenge with more complete analysis, more rounded thinking and more impactful outcomes.

Holy Sh*t insight delivered with energy, excitement and, well, Verve.