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about us

Before there were newspapers, before there was the Internet, there was the grapevine; the most ruthlessly efficient means of disseminating news.

Today, Grapevine Communications continues to embody that efficiency. Whatever the message, we have the expertise, experience and networks to formulate a strategy that ensures you hit your target with precision.

Our metamorphosis has seen us develop from an award-winning new kid on the block.

  • Best PR Agency and Best PR Person awarded by Independent Newspapers for three consecutive years (significant enough to land any agency on the map to
  • internationally recognised accreditation certification for PR practitioners, called the APR (Accredited in Public Relations), cum laude (2012)
  • to a firm sought out by some of the respected companies in South Africa, including the likes of Samsung, National Brands (AVI Limited), RF Group (Nokia) and Lexmark International during the following decade.

The work we produced for these clients established Grapevine Communications as a PR agency of note, with an enviable reputation - one which we continue to build on as we ensure that, in our third decade, we distinguish ourselves by providing a service rooted in integrity. Grapevine Communications strives not only to be a true partner in communications, but a partner which is honest, does its utmost to create opportunities, draws on hard-won wisdom to offer our clients' critical insights and embraces ethicality at all times. A partner with a mission to facilitate your growth.

We're the PR agency to choose when you're serious about exposure; when you're seeking to make connections, and when you need to make your voice heard.

Join us on a journey beyond success, to significance.