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ASUS offers the best mobile computing technology. No matter where you are on your professional journey, there's a notebook ready to expand your capabilities and streamline your digital life.
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Creativity is evolving: Let your business technology evolve with it
Creativity is evolving. There is more opportunity for everyone, from a solo creative all the way up to full design agencies, to create extraordinary productions. Everything from video to 3D graphics and beyond. The opportunities are endless, and this explosion in digital applications for creativity is due in large part to the rise of powerful, innovative technologies. 22 Dec 2022 Read more

Top 5 factors to consider when buying a business laptop
It's official. Your business needs to update its IT infrastructure and laptops are on the top of the list. Where do you begin? What factors should you consider off-hand and what isn't essential at this point? 21 Dec 2022 Read more

It's critical: How digital tools can drive reliable and patient-centric healthcare
The shape of healthcare is transforming. According to McKinsey, consumers are increasingly taking their health into their own hands, turning to digital tools to book their own appointments, get necessary prescriptions, and even monitor their own health between visits to the doctor. 20 Dec 2022 Read more

Reset with reliability: How dependable digital workplace solutions can build long-term growth
The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped global business and changed the way we all live and work. Chief among the changes is the shift to digital business and hybrid work. According to Gartner, 48% of employees will work remotely by 2030, compared to 30% pre-Covid. 14 Dec 2022 Read more

Access over ownership - subscription models are dominating the tech industry
The subscription economy is forever changing how consumers interact with brands. As a result, we're raising a generation that'll have a complicated relationship with ownership. 13 Dec 2022 Read more

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