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Bonitas aims to make quality healthcare accessible to South Africans. We offer a wide range of products that are simple to understand, easy to use and give our members more value for money.
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Bonitas awarded Medical Scheme of the Year
At the inaugural News24 Business Awards' ceremony in Cape Town last month, Bonitas - the second largest open scheme in SA - was awarded Medical Scheme of the Year. News24 recognised companies and CEOs who are doing excellent work in building their businesses, while also going above and beyond in strategic leadership, transparency and building a better SA. 5 Apr 2023 Read more

8 vital health checks for men
Essential health checks or screenings are tests that are carried out by a medical doctor to check for diseases and health conditions, even before you may have any symptoms. By detecting diseases early on they are often easier to treat. Dr Morgan Mkhatshwa, clinical executive at Bonitas Medical Fund, talks about the most important check-ups for men. 7 Feb 2023 Read more

Bonitas offers Panda app for mental health
One in six South Africans suffers from anxiety, depression or substance use disorder. Over the last two years the prevalence of anxiety and depression disorders has increased by 36.4% and 38.7% respectively. 9 Jan 2023 Read more

The gift of hearing
Hearing loss is more common than we think, up to 19% of South African school children suffer from varying degrees of hearing difficulty. Hearing is the foundation for speech and language development as well as learning and communication. The long-term impact of losing one of the key senses has a major impact on the quality of life. 2 Dec 2022 Read more

Bonitas 2022 contributions continued for 2023!
Bonitas Medical Fund, one of the leading medical schemes in South Africa, has announced its 2023 product line. Lee Callakoppen, principal officer of Bonitas says, "Our average increase for the year would have been 5.9% - well below the current inflation rate of 7.6%. The good news is that we've put a price freeze on contributions for the first quarter of 2023, to offer our members some respite. This effectively means an increase of 4.4% over the 12 months. We have also shared exactly what members can expect to pay from 1 April 2023, so that they can make informed decisions." 4 Oct 2022 Read more

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