Creativity, team spirit and avoiding conflicts
Laurenz Schaller[Laurenz Schaller] Hi, I'm Laurenz, a student from Berlin doing an internship at a Cape Town-based advertising agency. Recently I had a long discussion with my student mates, all doing internships in different advertising agencies all over the world. We talked about how a team has to interact to create a decent atmosphere at work. So this first post is addressed to all the creative spirits, who see themselves in leading positions.

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Two hundred, young, bright minds in one place
Abey Mokgwatsane[Abey Mokgwatsane] I was at the Mail & Guardian Top 200 South Africans launch last week. I was there because I was fortunate enough to make the list in this year’s business category. This, however, is not about me; it’s about the incredible people I met that day. I mean, what else could I ask for? Two hundred, young, bright minds in one place.

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Let's talk about... tea parties
Abey Mokgwatsane[Abey Mokgwatsane] There is something about being on a plane that inspires me to write my blogs. I’m en-route to Brazil – I’m part of a delegation organised by South African Tourism, on invitation by Brazil Tourism, to share learnings gained from the 2010 FIFA World Cup with our Brazilian counterparts. However, I’ve written enough about soccer-related stuff recently. I want to talk about Tea Parties.

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