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Dodoma signs for major bus terminal

Dodoma City Council (DCC) has announced that it will sign a contract to start construction of its major bus terminal at Nzuguni area, some 20km from the city centre en route to Dar es Salaam.
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DCC Director Godwin Kunambi said he was 'pleased' to sign the contract tomorrow (Tuesday), adding that the 87 sq km terminal would facilitate a vital link between the city market and its shopping mall - all with capacity to accommodate 270 buses, 600 station wagon cars, and 300 rickshaws. 

"We are also planning to phase out all large trucks within the city ... we plan to build a large truck parking lot at Nala ... along with other plans to construct football and basketball grounds at the same area," he said.

The outspoken director said that authorities in Dodoma were committed to improving service delivery, specifically water and electricity, even in the face of an influx of more people.

"We have an excess of 20MW in electricity ... and the Dodoma Urban and Water Supply Authority (DUWASA) can produce up to 61 million litres of water every day ... against the city demand of just 48 million litres."

Meanwhile, Mr Kunambi announced that the authority would consider release at least 21,000 plots to the city's low-income people, saying the plots would be sold at an average 1.5m/-.

"This is to ensure every individual gets surveyed land for residence and industrial use," he said. According to the official the government in Dodoma has surveyed areas for heavy, light and small industries.

In Mpunguzi, for instance, the official said there are 700 plots for heavy industries and 200 others for light industries at Nala.

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