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Kenya's Nova Nee eyes more East African markets

Nova Nee, a public relations agency in Kenya has set its eyes on the East African market amidst cut throat competition for accounts by established domestic and multinational firms in the region. Beth Maina-Mwaura, the firm's managing director spoke to Bizcommunity about the firm's plans.

Why has Nova Nee ventured into Kenya's PR market?

Nova Nee was established as a customer experience consultancy in Kenya in 2008 by four able and experienced directors with very diverse areas of expertise. Following a successful market survey it was discovered that a gap not only lay in matters of customer service but the public relations field.

Many firms are doing business but they are not able to cut a niche in the market because they lack the potential to make themselves known in the market. They may have very good products but this does not translate to big profit margins because consumers remain unaware of the good products.

Nova Nee through its media relations helps these firms to market themselves widely. With Nova Nee's experience in training, we train our clients on how to introduce themselves to the media and sell their strong points effectively and widely reach the market. Nova Nee has successfully turned their clients from a point of being unknown to being the preferred choices for their customers.

Who are your clients so far?

Virtual Learning Centre Kenya, a winner of the prestigious Kenya Vision 2030 award, and Museum Hill Wines and Agencies who hold a joint venture with East African Breweries and are the major distributors of the EABL products in Kenya.

You were reported to be looking at other EAC markets. Why are you interested in expanding in the region?

Nova Nee sets its sight in being the preferred consultancy of choice in East Africa and beyond. The EAC region which has been integrated as a free market enables companies to expand and trade freely and this is very promising. The research done by Nova Nee proved that a gap existed in the EAC markets. Nova Nee prides itself in the ability to go where the client is.

Are there specific markets are you looking at in the EAC?

Nova Nee is looking to be the preferred consultancy of choice not only in Kenya but also in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Southern Sudan. To this end we will endeavor to continue doing very thorough market surveys and having very innovative ideas that will revolutionize the market.

How soon do you hope to get there?

Within two years Nova Nee is looking to have offices in all EAC countries.

How do you hope to survive the turbulence in the competitive industry?

The market is obviously very competitive but everyone takes their share and satisfying the market cannot be done by a single entity. Nova Nee is looking into forming lasting partnerships with other companies that share our vision in order to give better services to the clients and also bring in more clients aboard.

Nova Nee is also looking at bringing new and innovative ideas in the market. This will be possible owing to the fact that Nova Nee is run by young, innovative and very energetic directors who have worked in the very aggressive corporate world in Kenya.

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