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Educate public on 3rd Generation Rights, press urged

Journalists have been called upon to educate the public on the importance of including 3rd Generation Human Rights in the new constitution.
The call was made by advocate and senior journalist Juma Thomas during a four-day seminar for journalists on Human Rights and Good Governance organised by the Dar City Press Club. 3rd Generation Human Rights are centred on collective groups of people's rights to enjoy country's resources, peace, live in a clean environment and enjoy the development of a country.

Advocate Thomas said the current constitutions (Zanzibar and Union Government) have 1st generation human rights which include right to life, freedom from torture, right to privacy, right to movement and a few of 2nd generation human rights including economic, social and cultural rights.

He said once the 3rd generation rights are included in the new constitution, foreign investors such as mining companies will be required by law to contribute to the development of communities living around the mines. "It is because they are not bound by law to do so, that we see communities living around these mining companies benefiting very little, and if taken to court, they will go scot-free because there is no law requiring them to do so," he explained.

He also noted that once the 3rd generation rights are in the new constitution, the public will be able to hold responsible authorities accountable to put in place mechanism to ensure the environment is clean.

"We will not be seeing these heaps of garbage remaining uncollected around the city, because the responsible State organs will be required by law to keep the environment clean," he said adding that it is the duty of journalists to educate the public on the matter.

Source: allAfrica